Summer is near, and so are our days off. It is never to early, nor too late to start planning your vacations. Today we will show you some tips and tricks you need to know in order to have more fun and enjoy your days to the fullest.

Decide your Destination 

It’s always a good idea to decide up front your final destination. Be careful with your passport, visa requirements, customs  but mostly make sure that your travel insurance is adequate, because you never know! With a certain destination in your mind, planning is also easier. You can learn about your destination and decide upfront the places you will visit. This way you can use every minute of your vacations and you will not miss anything.

What I need to bring? 

There is no place like home! You know why? Because there you have everything you need. Before booking your ticket, you need to plan what will you take with you. Make sure to do some research on your country destination weather, because nobody needs swimsuits in Germany! After you have decided your clothes and shoes, you need to take care of your medicals. Make sure you bring all your pills in the needed amount because you may not find them in any Pharmacy in your destination country. Added, bring you hair and skin care products. Now that your luggage is ready, its time for the next step.

Book your ticket

Booking your ticket earlier means cheaper prices. As days pass by, the prices get higher. So, if you have made up your mind its time to make some searches and find the best ticket price. Never use a direct flight unless your destination country is too near, otherwise transit is the best option. Try to find a good and cheap linkage between your home airport up to your destination country airport. Early is good, but sometimes booking your flight at last minute is better. There are always some empty seats on the plane and the prices drop off real quick. But, you need to be extra lucky! In case luck is not your friend, We suggest you to go on with the first alternative.

Rent a Car

Finally you arrived at your ‘Summer Time Country’. Now, what? or Better now, Where to? Now it’s time to explore the city but how? In case you are thinking to travel around the country by public transportation because that is cheaper, think twice! In many countries, public transportation is not as good as you may expect. Some developing countries do not have subways or metros. They only have buses, but buses do not provide trips to all the places you want to visit. Some other countries do not allow you to pay for the transportation in daily basis but you have to buy monthly ticket. Monthly ticket for all your family or for all your friends is not that cheap. Same some money, some extra tiredness and some lost buses and rent a car up front. Renting a car is one of the best decisions you will make while being in a foreign country. The overall price of a rented car is not too expensive and it will save you up a lot of wasted time and energy. So, make yourself a favor and put on your to do list booking of car rental.


While on vacation, never forget to have fun, after all you deserve it!

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