Rental Requirements

Each person who intends to drive must bring a valid driver's license to drive in Albania, passport or national identity card and a valid means of payment . All of these items must be submitted on the day the car will be picked up.
Yes. However, each person who intends to drive the car must submit a valid driver’s license on the day the car will be picked up. Maximum number of drivers per car is two.
The minimum age required to rent a car is 21. There is no maximum age limit as long as the person submits valid driver's license.
Easy Rent gladly accepts American Express, Mastercard and Visa. We do take cash as a payment also.
All rates are guaranteed in EUR ( euro ) and for all reservations we only require a partial pre-payment.


No. Persons who will not drive the car can also make the reservation; however, they need to confirm first the driver of the vehicle before making the reservation.
Yes, as long as a vehicle is available in the station; however, we recommend making a reservation because no vehicle may be available during busy periods.
Yes. The reservation number issued when you made the reservation and the email address you registered at the time of reservation are required to make changes to your reservation. Head over to Reservation section to get started.
A reservation cancellation fee pre-determined by the company may apply if you cancel your reservation. No fee shall apply if the cancellation is made at least seven days prior to the date of pick-up. The cancellation fee shall apply for those made six days or less prior to the date of pick-up. Cancelation Fee is 30% of the total amount of the reservation which corresponds to the pre-payment we require in order to book a car.
Maximum period you can rent the car for is one (1) month.


No. Buying this protection package is optional. Packages can be bought by selecting them online or before rental pickup.
All our vehicles are covered for body injury, personal injury compensation and market value vehicle compensation. These are included in the rental fee. Please note that Kasko Insurance only covers 90%, leaving you liable for the remaining 10%.
Everyone registered as a driver at the time the vehicle is picked up will be compensated in the same way as the applicant.

Vehicles and Equipment

No. Some vehicles do not have a GPS system. If you wish to use a vehicle with a GPS system, tick the [GPS] box when reserving a vehicle on the website.
No. due to availability, a specific model including but not limited to vehicle model, model year, grade, and color cannot be specified. You may only choose vehicle class.
Yes. Available seats vary in accordance with the child’s age and stature, so please state your requirements when making a reservation.