It’s about  that time of the year again.  Summer Time is around the corner ! Sun is up and all you have to do is pack your bags and get ready for the best summer ever. In case you are doubtful about where to go this summer, we have the perfect choice for you. Sit back and get ready to be amazed. Maybe you have never heard about Albania, but you definitely should spend this year vacations in this country. Follow us below and we will show you what’s so special about this country.
Summer is made to be spend at the beach, so:
1- Albanian Riviera The best place to be is the South of Albania. It is not randomly one of the most visited place by tourist. The beach is clean, the view is amazing and the party never ends. It offers a wide range of daytime activities, because there are  many organizations such as international festivals and water sports activities or you can just enjoy the sun laid down on the stone beaches. The night is for adventures and that is the only thing that the South Beach of Albania offer. Starting with the famous Turtle Fest organized every year gathers together all the young people from different countries. Nightclubs are a must! The fun never ends in the best nightclubs that are mostly located in Jali Beach like Folie Marine or Havana Beach Club in Dhermi Beach.
2-Llogara Pass
Before going to the South of Albania, there is a place at which you definitely need to stop. Llogara pass offers the most amazing view of the Albanian Riviera. It is located in the middle of the Llogara National Park, more than 1000 m above the sea. Lately, Llogara Pass offers also the sport of Sky Diving, so you can enjoy the view even on the sky.
3- Tirana , Albania
Beside the amazing beaches that you will find in Albania, the capital city of this country, Tirana, also offers a wide range of activities. In the latest years, this city is turned in the tourists  favorite city. The weather is Mediterranean so in summer the sun is always up. Most favorite part of this city is Blloku, where the best restaurants and  coffee bars are located. In case you want to have some fun, you will also find there some great nightclubs. But beside the fun this city offers a lot of Historical places which you can visit. Starting with the National Museum in the center of the city, than the Et’hem Bey mosque is also worth visiting. In the center of the city you will also find the Clock Tower, from which you can see the best part of this city. You can’t leave this country without visiting this vibrating city!
There are much more to visit in here, but some places we will let you find out by yourself!


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